PPHTX03: Blue is the Old Green

Joey Sanchez recently noticed the deterioration and destruction of Houston’s first street signs and he is trying to preserve what is left with the Blue Tile Project. Joey tells us about how and why he started this initiative.  Blue Tile Project Website: www.bluetileproject.com Use the #bluetileproject for Twitter, Instagram or Facebook Keep an eye open for the Blue Tile Project iOS app, Kickstarter page, and store on the PPHTX website.  Music By: Conrad Staton. I was talking to Conrad about a week ago and mentioned that I did not have music for these Podcasts yet. He went home and cranked out music for me to use. I am eternally grateful for his work on the tracks for episodes 1-3 and looking forward to working with him again.  For more information about PPHTX or to subscribe to the newsletters, please visit www.platypushouston.org.