Project Overview:

The Point is an on campus ministry at the University of Houston. The foundation is supported by several churches in Houston along with individual donors and their annual Fundraising Dinner. I was contacted to develop and create a promotional video for The Point to present at this dinner and on their website.

Deliverables Needed:

Two videos:
A branded video that can be used on the Foundations website and social media to bring in more students focused around "The Potter's Hands"
An introduction video that can proceed the social media video at the Fundraising Dinner featuring students involved and the staff member.


The first video is geared towards college students looking for an on campus group/ ministry.
The second video is geared towards potential and past donors at the Fundraising Dinner.


The theme of the year and evening was "The Potter's Hands." The message was intended to show what The Point was doing on campus and how they were affecting the lives of the students involved.


The first video is though provoking and artistic. Thought and work was put into camera angles and lighting to look professional and very intentional.
The second video is informative, and straight forward. The staff member speaks directly to the audience.


The videos were produced on a very tight budget, equipment was donated by UH and a small budget was set aside for an additional camera operator. 


I was contacted in November of the previous year and the Fundraiser was in early February.