Platypus Houston is a Design Podcast in the style of an NPR show. It covers the stories behind the design of Houston including a wide variety from the way the city is laid out to why specific buildings are designed the way they are to designers and artist in the Houston area. The episodes feature me as the host and producer. When I find it appropriate, I will bring on experts on the subject matter to tell their story and how it fits in with the design of Houston. This is a project I launched and have run since July 2015.

Deliverables Needed:

A five to twenty minute episode roughly every month
A website, and social media to support the show


Platypus Houston is funded and produced by myself


The show is geared towards listeners interested in design. While it mostly attracts people who live in Houston, it also appeals to those who have a connection to Houston as well as others who are only interested in design.


Each episode has a different message, however I often find the message balancing the importance of Houston's history and it's inevitable future development.


The podcast comes across much like an NPR story or a narrative podcast. The podcast is scripted with clips brought in from interviews and pre-recorded events. Somewhat serious in message, it has a lighter tone than an NPR story and much more story based.


The podcast is receiving no external funding. I purchased the equipment, front website and hosting fees and produce the show for nothing. Once the podcast is more stable and further developed, I do have plans to monetize it so it can fund itself. 


Currently, there is a new episode every month or so. There are plans to increase this rate once the show is further developed.