Imagined Futures

Imagined Futures was a pitch Brandon Huber and I put together for Radiotopia's Podquest. The Podcast Network Radiotopia put out an open submission for new podcasts to join their network. In the course of about 3 weeks, Brandon and I came up with about 20 podcast ideas, and narrowed it down to Imagined Futures. We recorded a teaser to explain the concept and to give a feel for the show.

The original concept for the show and the graphic was developed by Brandon though the show ended up as a collaboration of a lot of our ideas.

Currently we are NOT planning on pursuing the continued production of this podcast.


Written Pitch:

Imagined Futures is a story-driven podcast that tells the stories of what people expected at the start of something new. For each episode we will choose a topic and tell the stories of what people expected, what they planned for, and what they dreamed about. The topics for episodes will range from historical to personal events, from ideas on how to save the world to ideas on how to get the girl.

For these topics and ideas we will find first person accounts. When they are not available, we will talk with historical experts and conduct research on the subject. Cale and Brandon will host the show. They will fill in the gaps between other’s personal accounts, give commentary, and connect thoughts and ideas together.