Here is the water you ordered, please inspect it before it reaches your hands.

If there was one of those word clouds of everything that I talk about the biggest phrase by far would be "Form vs Function." Here the two concepts go hand in hand.


I was at a celebration of a friend at Chuy's Tex-Mex Restaurant and having to stop in the men's room (as I have a habit of doing) I noticed this water faucet.

Sure, I've seen hundreds- maybe thousands of these kind of faucets; a pipe with the top half cut off as if to say "Oh look! you found a random pipe and it is producing potable water that you get to wash your hands with." I have seen these at restaurants and hotels and anywhere that is trying to give off the "retro" and "throwback" vibe.

For whatever reason, looking at this one in particular made me realize something: This faucet was very strategically designed, down to the way the pipe is cut. The top part of the pipe being removed gives people security. Lets face it, if the water pipe was cut straight, leaving an O at the end with water coming out, very few people would trust that water coming out of it to be clean. The fact that the user can see the water before it leaves the pipe assures them that it is clean and clear, as if to say "Here is the water you ordered, please inspect it before it reaches your hands"

If I came across a pipe sticking out of the wall and water coming out of it, I surely would not stick my hands in the water.

The form of the faucet is the smooth lines, and the sleek design, to convince the user that this water is clean and supposed to be here. The function is to provide water to wash your hands with. 

Be on the lookout for design choices that others may have overlooked (in or out of Houston) and mention them in the comments or tweet them at me using @platypushouston and #pphtx

One week till Launch

So I am kind of freaking out right now, seven days until Launch day 7/15/15 and I have so many things to do to get this podcast up and going. The fact that this is my first podcast, and this is almost my first website- it is my first published-paid for website.