Automated Watermark Process


Over lunch today I had a good friend ask about watermarking photos for her up and coming photography business. Having an interest in automation, and programming, I got the notion to figure out how to automate the process. After some research and trials, here is what I figured out.


The foundation of this process is using the OS X application "Automator"
If you haven't heard about or used Automator before, it is an application to create workflows. Basically it allows one to do a little extra work and then automate a very repetitive task. Say, for example taking a photograph, renaming it, re-sizing it, and placing a watermark on it.

The Final PRoduct

Here is my final Automator Workflow.

The two resources

I figured out how to create this workflow via these two tutorials:

This one from Peyton Williams, about downloading and using the action "Image Processor" 

This one from Make Use Of, about using the built in functions of Automator to rename the files.

Further Reading

If you are still confused about Automator, workflows or how to execute this process- feel free to shoot me an email, or if by chance either of the above links go down- I can write out a more in depth process here.