Adcetera Pumpkin Contest 2017

Every year, Adcetera holds a company wide Pumpkin Carving Contest, although what constitutes carving is always a point on contention during the contest. Adcetera has been holding the competition for over 10 years and has received local and national coverage for the creative entries they receive each year.

In 2017 my entry won the Company vote for Favorite Pumpkin.


Nightmare on Elm-kin Street

2017 Favorite - Company Vote

The entry features two miniature pumpkins watching a horror movie: a pumpkin being carved into a Jack-O-Lantern. The concept plays upon the notion that if Pumpkins were characters, the tradition of cutting them open, scooping out their insides and carving faces into them would be horrifying.


The entry was constructed with foam core, glue and paint. The TV is a foam core and paint frame around an iPad playing a short video of a pumpkin being carved into a Jack-O-Lantern. The couch is foam core and fabric, and the table is foam core and paint. Pipe cleaners, paint and miniature pumpkins make up the pumpkin characters.

Further Reading:

You can take a look at the past 7 years of contest entries at the Adcetera run, Halloween themed website (get it? bat-(Ad)cetera!). While my entry won the company (in person) vote, the motion component of the entry did not play well on-line and three well deserved entries won the website vote.